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QueryView Hyperlinks

A Hyperlink adds a column to your result table which contains a configurable link. The target of this link can include data from that row in the URL.

For example, you can create urls using Ids from your table to link to a page that has additional information.


  • Name: The hyperlink text that will be shown in the table.
  • DefaultLink: Enables double-clicking of a row to open the hyperlink
  • Hide Link Column: Does not show the link (but double click will still work)
  • Only visible if DefaultLink is selected

  • Hide Template Columns: Hides any table columns that are used in the link template

  • Only visible if DefaultLink is selected


  • Reference column names in double curly brackets: {{<ColumnName>}}
  • Column names are case-sensitive
  • You can navigate within Composable using a period for the home page .
  • The example ./Designer.aspx?appId={{Id}} links to the DataFlow Designer page for the appID Id. This is another way to connect features or monitor apps in Composable.


If navigating to a url on an external page, make sure to put https:// at the beginning of your url or else it will try to navigate within your Composable application