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Container Sheets

Container Sheet Basics

Each sheet in the Excel workbook represents a container which is a similar object to a table. Column headings in a sheet define the control setting, with rows representing values. The following column headers are typically found on each of the Excel sheets:

  • Name (required): A whitespace-free name for the field. Think of this as the name you would give this field in a database.
  • DisplayName: A human-friendly label that will be displayed above the input box for the field on the user interface. This can contain rich text written in Markdown.
  • Description: A longer description that can be displayed in a tooltip on the user interface to more fully explain the field.
  • Type (required): The name of the data type of the given field, such as integer or string.
  • ControlType (required): The type of field interface that the user will input their data into, also known as a form control. Examples are a textbox (Text) or calendar date selection (Date), or a checkbox.
  • Required: Indicates whether the field is required.

Control Type Settings (Additional Container Columns)

The three required columns, Name, Type, and ControlType do most of the work in generating your DataPortal, but there are many additional settings that can be applied to some fields by adding columns. Which settings are available varies by ControlType. For full details, visit the page for each control type:

  • AppRun: Specifies a button that runs a Composable DataFlow by ID.
  • Category: Select one or more predefined values. Also see Categories.
  • CheckBox: Checkbox for Boolean types.
  • Computed: Read-only field computed from other values.
  • Date: Select a date
  • DateTime: Select a date and time
  • HyperLink: Link to another page within Composable or on another site.
  • Label: Additional static text. Supports Markdown formatting.
  • Link: Special control type representing the entry point to the DataPortal.
  • NumberFormatting: Editable number field with customizable formatted display when not editing.
  • Page: Link to a new container in a 1-1 relationship with the current container.
  • Phone: Enter a phone number.
  • Pill: Select one or more of several predefined values. Also see Categories.
  • QueryView: Display the results of a Composable QueryView.
  • QueryViewChooser: Select a row from a Composable QueryView and use its values to populate other fields.
  • Radio: Select one of several predefined values. Also see Categories.
  • Rating: Give a whole number rating within a customizable range.
  • Reference: Choose an instance of another container within the same DataPortal
  • Spin: Select a numerical value.
  • SSN: Enter a Social Security Number.
  • Tab: Split some fields of a container into a visually distinct tab.
  • Table: Display a table of instances of a child container.
  • Text: Enter a short string.
  • Textarea: Enter a long string.
  • User: Choose a user.
  • Voice (experimental): Enter a long string by automatic transcription of spoken words.
  • YesNo: Set a boolean field with buttons.
  • ZIP: Enter a 5 digit ZIP code