The Project Lab Series designation identifies an opportunity for Composable users to explore platform functionality as a longer-form project.

Each series will have an overall goal. The project used to meet that goal will be broken into labs that serve as small, digestible chunks, with benchmark tasks that can be accomplished in short bursts. As a whole, completing all the labs in a series will let you accomplish the series goal.

Each lab aims to “teach you to fish” by highlighting some broadly-applicable aspect of Composable that can be extended to other use cases, rather than simply giving you a single, limited-use, click-here-do-this-without-knowing-why “fish”.

Each lab is written with the assumption that you are following along hands-on, performing each task and making your own result. That result can also be a launch point for experimentation on your own. You are welcome to simply read the labs, but you’ll probably get less out of it, and you won’t have a project to show off and reflect back on when you’re done. ( If you don’t already have access to the Composable platform, you can create a development cloud instance for evaluation purposes at cloud.composableanalytics.com. It's simple and free! )

Perhaps these labs will inspire you to think about some of your own “fish”, that is, your own related use cases. Perhaps they’ll just be a fun, interesting, and/or informative way to let your mind take a break and play.

Whatever your goal, we hope you enjoy the Project Lab Series!