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Composable Designer Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcut Function Description Notes
Ctrl+K Show Diff Shows un-saved changes in current application (added/removed modules, added/removed connections, module inputs changed, etc).
Ctrl+S Save Saves application.
F6 Cancel Run Cancels an application if running.
Ctrl+Z Undo Reverts last change to the application.
Ctrl+Y, Ctrl+Shift+Z Redo Redoes last undone change to the application.
Ctrl+M Focus Omni Search Puts browser focus in omni search bar.
Ctrl+[ Minimize All Modules Minimizes each module.
Ctrl+C Copy Copies selected module(s). Note: If a text area is focused this shortcut will still copy text.
Ctrl+X Cut Cuts selected modules(s).
Ctrl+V Paste Pastes module(s) in buffer.
Ctrl+Shift+[ Clear Highlighting Clears foreach highlighting (added by right click 'Show children' on a module).
Ctrl+enter Run App / Confirm Save If the saving modal is open, this will confirm saving the application. If closed, this will run the application.
Ctrl+I Palette Search Focus Puts browser focus in module pallete search.
Del Delete Selected Deletes selected modules.
Ctrl+E Disable/Enable Selected Toggles enabled status of selected module(s).
Ctrl+A Select All Selects all modules on the design surface.
Ctrl+Shift+. Cleanup Organizes modules on the design surface.
Ctrl+Shift+X Close All Dialogs Close all open result/input dialogs.
Arrow Keys Pan Pan in that direction.
Spacebar Page down Scroll down one screen length
Shift+Spacebar Page up Scroll up one screen length
Alt+T Toggle trace log View errors and warnings for the DataFlow.
Alt+I Toggle info panel View and update DataFlow information, like Name, Description, and Settings
Alt+M Toggle module palette Access modules

You can view the keyboard shortcuts from within the Designer by clicking on the question-mark icon outlined in red.

!Composable Designer Keyboard Shortcuts