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View Mode

The view mode of Boards is the best way to use your board, or share it with others.

View mode displays just the contents of your board.

Sharing Your Board

You can share your board with others by clicking the Share button at the top right corner of the screen.

To show your board to a specific user or group, enter their name into the 'Choose a User or Group' box and click 'Add'.

If you want to share the link to people without a Composable account, you can use the 'Everyone' option underneath the search bar.

A list of options will appear with their name at the top. Click on the 'Read' and 'Discover' permissions to allow them to see (and find) your board. You can also select the 'Write' permission if you want them to be able to edit your board.

Click save when you're finished.

You can now share the link to your board directly.

Mobile View

On a mobile device, your board will automatically condense down into a single column, to allow all pins to be easily viewed.

If you'd prefer to view your board's normal desktop layout, click the button dropdown at the top of the screen and select 'Desktop View'.