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Product Areas

Composable is a full-stack dataops (data operations) environment for seamlessly executing all levels of data orchestration and processing, e.g., Extraction, Transformation, and Loading (ETL); Querying, Processing, Visualization and Dissemination.

The main capabilities offered by Composable are organized around product areas for:

  • Data Processing & Transformations
  • Data Exploration
  • Data Modeling & Storage

Data Processing & Transformations


Composable DataFlows are data processing and analytical workflows, utilizing Composable's flow-based programming method. Each dataflow consists of modules that are connected together to produce higher-level functionality.

!Composable DataFlows


Composable WebApps are full web applications, including visualizations built with d3.js, built and seamlessly integrated with Composable using well-defined web services and API endpoints.

!Composable WebApps

Data Exploration


Composable QueryViews provide an interface for distributed queries and live data grids.

!Composable QueryViews


Composable Boards are customizable web portals where users can publish various blocks of results and runs, for interactive visualizations and reporting.

!Composable Boards


Composable DataRepository allows users to connect to a data repository, visualize relationships, explore the data and save a collection of reusable queries.

!Composable DataRepository

Data Modeling & Storage


Composable DataPortals provides a rapid application development environment for modelling data and automatically generating the web and business layers and custom web user interface.

!Composable DataPortals


Composable EntityHub is a machine-learning driven approach to Master Data Management, providing a unique capability to identifying, creating and de-duplicating entities across datasets, going beyond simple deterministic and probabilistic (fuzzy matching) methods.

!Composable EntityHub