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As the saying goes, "Data is eating the software that is eating the world," and data professionals need a rich, coherent and cohesive ecosystem to build data-driven applications. Welcome to Composable DataOps Platform, the industry's leading Intelligent DataOps solution.

Data professionals - software developers, data engineers, data scientists, analysts, IT and business users - are responsible for delivering and leveraging data products. And these data professionals are increasingly adopting DevOps and DataOps best practices through end-to-end platforms like Composable, to quickly and easily operationalize their data intelligence solutions.

Composable is a full-stack data operations platform that is a proven technology for operationalizing AI and ML applications.

Why DataOps Matters

“28% of applications do not make it into production” - Gartner Research

In this sections, we will review the main structure, navigation and product areas of the Composable DataOps Platform.