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Composable focuses on bringing together disparate datasets, disseminating results, and producing data feeds and services. The platform's strength and infinite flexibility for consuming, querying, and joining of data is achieved by composing event-driven workflows.

Composable DataFlow Applications ("DataFlows") are event-driven workflows that consists of functional blocks, "modules", strung together with connections to form full analytical workflows.

At its core, a DataFlow is a directed graph, where the nodes are the modules, and the edges are the connections between module inputs and outputs. DataFlows are authored using an intuitive, flow-based programming methodology available in the Composable Designer.

For developers, DataFlows can represent microservices, and can be used in a microservice-based approach to building large software applications. DataFlows are independently deployable services that are part of a broader Microservice Architecture.

!Composable DataFlow Application