Using Keys

Creating, Searching and Sharing Keys in Composable is extremely easy to do. To get started, simply click on the key icon in the sidebar:

Composable Keys

Doing so, will open up your Key Vault, where you can browse all of your Keys (Keys you have created), as well as all Keys shared with you by other users.

Creating a New Key

To create a new Key, simply click the New Key icon in the top right:

Composable New Key

At this point, you will be given an option to select the type of Key you want to create:

Composable Key Types

As you can see, Composable provides the option to store all types of complex access credentials inside the Key Vault, including:

In addition to these specific Key types listed above, Composable also provides Key types to store: - Strings - Integers - Decimals -- Floating-Point Numbers

This is especially useful when developing multiple DataFlows that may require the use of these "global variables" (e.g., a string that stores a path to a shared network folder).

Once you select the Key type, a form appears to enter the relevant information based on the type selected (e.g., username, password, host, port, etc.). The name you enter in the Name field will be used to identify and retrieve the Key across the other Composabel resources (e.g., in the DataFlow Applications and QueryViews). Please be sure to use simply, easy to remember, and unique names.

Composable Key Name


Use simply, easy to remember, and unique names for your Keys, as this will be how your Keys are identified and retrieved across other Composable Resources.

Be sure to Save your Key (upper right button) once you fill out all the required information.

Sharing a Key

Composable Keys allow you to save all types of complex access credentials in a secure way. Most importantly, you no longer need to hard-code sensitive credential information in clear text in code or scripts, and you can also share Keys at a granular level (e.g., discover, execute, read, write) with Users and Groups.

To share a Key, open the Key and click on share in the top right:

Composable Key Share

Similar to the other access control pages for other Composable resources, you can now select individual Users, Groups, or Everyone and Anyone with an Account, and provide access to the Key at a granular level:

Composable Key Access Control