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Constant Fields

Constant fields return a single, constant value as a column in a particular collection. They are primarily used as part of the definition of other DeepQuery objects such as collection link conditions or condition filters.


Constant fields can be added in several ways:

  • Clicking the Field button in the Add section in the Query sidebar,
  • Selecting the Add field option from a collection menu,
  • Clicking the + button next to the dropdown menu allowing selection of an existing field when creating or editing some other DeepQuery object. Field Picker

Any of these options will bring up a window for creating a new field of any type. To create a constant field, select Constant from the Type dropdown.

!Create New Field

This brings up the configuration options for a constant field:

  • Alias: Display name for the field. (optional)
  • Include In Results: Whether to display the constant field in query results. Constant fields default to being hidden.
  • Collection: Which existing collection to add the field to. This option will be pre-selected and uneditable if the field creation was triggered from a collection.
  • Value Type: What type of data the constant will be. Depending on the underlying data source, conversions between types may happen automatically during query execution.
  • Value: The literal value the constant field should return. This field is not editable if Value Type is Null.

!Create New Constant Field

Click Save to create the new field and add it to the DeepQuery. Click Cancel to close the window without creating the field.