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Value Filters

A Value Filter limits the results that will be returned on a collection by comparing a field against a chosen set of values. These values may either define the rows of the collection that should be included or those that should be excluded.


Value Filters can be added in two ways:

  • Selecting the Add filter option from a field menu,
  • Right-clicking an value in the grid of results and selecting Create Filter from the menu Result Context Menu

These will bring up a window for creating a value filter, with the following configuration options:

  • Type: What type of filter to create; set to Value for a Value Filter.
  • Alias: Display name for the filter. (optional, used when switching between multiple filters on a single field when editing)
  • Handle: External handle to use in modifying or overriding this filter when running this DeepQuery in other contexts.
  • Field: Which existing field this filter will act on. This is preset by the field selected to add a filter to.
  • Mode: Whether the selected Values should be those included in query results or those excluded from query results.
  • Values: Selected values to include or exclude from the query results, depending on the Mode. These can be selected from any of the possible values of the Field given the current state of the query.

!Create New Value Filter

Click Save to create the new filter and add it to the DeepQuery. Click Cancel to close the window without creating the filter.