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The FormattingOptions column on a container field is used to define specifics of number formatting for NumberFormatting controls. This allows DataPortal creators to format numbers into notations, percents, currencies, and much more. These options can be declared in the FormattingOptions column. When blank, the Options will be set to empty options by default.

Input Format

The value of the FormattingOptions column needs to be in a readable JSON form and thus will have to be formatted correctly. Find a number of examples below:
- { "style":"percent" } - { "style":"currency", "currency":"JPY" } - { "maximumSignificantDigits":"3" }

Possible values

The JSON object in the Excel column FormattingOptions will eventually be passed to the Javascript Intl.NumberFormat constructor. See the documentation for that constructor to identify possible fields to include in the JSON object and valid values for those fields.

After creating or updating a DataPortal, errors generated by the Intl.NumberFormat constructor will be shown upon opening a DataPortal page with the NumberFormatting control.


When not provided or left blank, the formatting options will be set to an empty JSON object {}.


The FormattingOptions column applies to the following controls: