NASDAQ API Project goals

The NASDAQ API entry in the Project Lab Series has a lot going on, by the time we're done. We will start with no related assets and use the Composable platform to deliver selected historic NASDAQ data to a queryable web interface.

To reach that goal, we will use a Composable DataFlow to do a parameterized extract via the Nasdaq Data Link API, then transform that data in transit to load a datastore that we will create with a Composable DataPortal. That datastore will have an updatable backend and a web UI.

The stored data will be explorable in a number of different interactive ways (Composable QueryView, Composable Repository, Composable DeepQuery), also through a web UI, giving the option of using SQL or not.

Along the way, we will store our API credential in a Composable Key and create custom modules for simple portabliity of some handy functionality.

Plus, some other fun stuff along the way.

This big project won't build itself. So, let's get started!