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For complex systems using many Composable DataFlows, QueryViews, and other resources it can often be necessary to have multiple separate environments for development, testing, and production. In these scenarios, Composable provides an API to facilitate automated code promotion, moving DataFlows and QueryViews from one environment to another.

Suppose you have a complex set of DataFlows and QueryViews, which may reference each other and other Composable resources such as Keys or DataPortals. These resources all have appropriate permissions restrictions, whether set on the folders containing them or the resources themselves. The Composable Deploy Resources API is designed to make moving these resources to a new environment or promoting updates made in development to production as seamless and flexible as possible.

Using the API you can write a console application that syncs these, preserving all interconnections and references. The history of edits and DataFlow runs on each server is also preserved. Permissions can be synced, or, if they should be different between the instance, can be left alone. References to keys that exist on both instances will be preserved, and if some keys don't exist on the target instance they can be automatically created or copied.