Creating a DataPortal

Create a new DataPortal by choosing the icon in the side navigation bar.

Composable DataPortals menu

You will be presented with an overview page. We urge you to read through the description shown, and also download the sample Excel template files that are available (on the right hand side of the screen).

Composable DataPortals overview

DataPortal Configuration

Begin with one of the Excel templates provided.

Excel Sheet Basics

Each sheet in the Excel workbook represents a container or table. Column headings in a sheet define the control setting, with rows representing values. The following column headers are typically found on each of the Excel sheets:

Composable DataPortals Excel


Note the special case for ‘Label’ fields — DisplayName contains rich text written in Markdown.

Sheet Types

Your Excel template can include many sheets, of a few different types:

Control Definitions

Three columns are required for every row of every Container sheet, Name, Type, and ControlType. These three settings will do most of the work in generating your DataPortal, but there are many additional settings that can be applied to some fields by adding columns. Which settings are available varies by ControlType. For full details, visit the page for each control type:

DataPortal Build

To build the DataPortal, simply save the Excel template, and drag and drop it into Composable. Done.